FAQ's on Window Splashes


Why Should I Paint My Windows?

It grabs people's attention. If you are the only one in the area with a splash, it's size, brilliance, design and message will overwhelm all other signs nearby. It will demand your attention first, before all other signs. This maximum sign impact will set the hook and your message will reel the customers in.

Mostly they are used to make the public aware of your business and services provided. Other common uses for window splashes are:

Sales and special promotions

Locators for giving directions to your store

Ambiance (Seasonal decorations)

Informational purposes

How Will It Benefit My Business?

Would you pay $1000 per year for an increase of $100,000 in gross revenue?

Well, that is what you could expect if your store normally grosses $1,000,000 annually in sales. That's a 10 % increase...a 20% increase will get you $200,000. I have regular customers who claim 10 to 20 percent increase in sales when using splashes. I know of no other advertising that returns that much on the amount spent. THIS STUFF WORKS!!!

Interesting fact: According to the National Association of Advertisers, on-premises signage costs much less per impression than any other form of advertising. In general, surveys have shown that on-site signage typically increases foot traffic between 20-50%, compared to only 2% for radio advertising, 5% for television, and 8% for newspaper advertising. IMPRESSIVE!

Window splashes are:

24 hours a day, 7 days a week advertising
High visibility, attention grabbing designs
Much more cost effective than TV, radio or print

It's like a billboard but without the rental fee!

How Long Will The Painting Last?

Window splashes are intended to be temporary and changed regularly. That said, your design will hold up until you're ready to remove it. However, there are no guarantees against damages by any other causes such as graffiti, over enthusiastic window washers, sprinkler systems, rain and sun exposure, etc.

If you have an overhang or awning, the design will last even longer because it is protected from the harsh elements of the sun and rain. In direct sunlight (no overhang) designs can last up to 6 months without fading noticeably and usually much longer. In some cases my splashes can last years if they are covered and not exposed directly to sunlight and the rain.

Do You Clean The Paint Off?

I would prefer that a professional window washer be hired to remove the design.

The only time I will clean the paint off is if I'm going to be applying a new design. In that case, I usually charge about 30% of what the painting cost to put up. The cost will depend on how big the painting is that I'm taking down and how long it's been up. The longer the paint bakes in the sun, the harder it is to take off.

You can also take the painting off yourself. It comes off pretty easily with an ammonia/water mixture. First soak the window, then take a new 4" razor to scrape it off. Keep the paint wet as you continue to remove it with the razor blade. After removing the majority of the paint you can switch to a standard wash and dry with a squeegee.

How Much Does It Cost?

For what you might pay for one 3in.x 5in. weekend newspaper ad, you can have a large Window Splash that will last for 8 to 12 months or more.

Because of the variables in every job it is impossible to come up with set standard prices.

The price depends on:

The Size (The larger it is, the more time the customer has to read the sign and turn into your parking lot)
The Complexity
How many words
How much artwork

Extras include:

Painting higher than 7 ft. off the ground
Word count over eight
Type of paint used (For a permanent sign, I use One Shot enamels that cost much more than acrylics)
Product illustrations
Excess masking
Clear coating (I always recommend this for permanent splashes or if no overhand is present.)

The best thing to do is call me for a quote.

*Remember...These signs don't cost, they pay by attracting customers, new and old. "Splashes" rank at the top for a highly visible, cost effective way to promote your business.*

*Contact me for all your window signage needs...I can get you noticed!*

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